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Сustoms services and European warehouse services in the city of Riga

Registration of customs documents and transport documents is an important part of cooperation between the transportation company and owner of the cargo

Custom formalities

Our clients do not have to deal with the customs registration issues personally and waste time and money for the introduction of customs consultants in their company staff.
KRAVU CENTRS offers the following spectrum of services in the area of customs registration of cargos:
  • operation in the European customs system NCTS registration of transit declarations;
  • provision of the customs warranty, including warranty for the extra risk cargos;
  • registration of international invoices for goods and transport (CMR);
  • declaration of export of the European cargos and customs formalities in the customs in the port of Riga (Eeuropean union);
  • declaration of import, selection of HS codes, consultaions on the selection of necessary documents (certificates, licences, etc) for the import of goods in the European union;
  • customs works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Experts of the company KRAVU CENTRS offer consultations on the issues of customs legislation, external economic activity and practices of customs registration; prepare the complete package of documents necessary for the customs clearance of Your cargo.


The company has a base in the Free Port of Riga for the implementation of standard operations of the goods processing.
The company has:
  • specially trained personnel;
  • warehousing buildings for the storage of cargos;
  • footlights and convenient access ways;
  • footlight to ensure the processing of the veterinary cargos;
  • universal special equipment;
  • possibility of constant control over quality and cargo security.
Warehousing capacity allows to serve up to 50 lorries and 70 containers per day. All the stored cargos have insurance policy.

Warehouses ensure the storage of any cargos, providing the temperature range from +5 to +20 degrees.
As far as the Port of Riga has a status of Free Economic zone, our clients have the possibility to:
  • introduce alterations in the cargo invoices, which arrive in the sea containers, for the further dispatch;
  • resell without taxation cargos which arrive to the warehouse in the auto transport in compliance with the procedure T-1.

Advantageous location of the warehouse allows to implement the delivery of sea containers from the Baltic Container Terminal in a very short time and for the competitive price.
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